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Upon entering your marriage, you believed it would endure indefinitely. Sadly, situations do not always pan out as anticipated. Despite the hardship, you have come to realize that pursuing a divorce is the most appropriate decision for you and your loved ones. Our divorce attorney in Arvada, CO, is dedicated to guiding individuals through the intricacies of the legal proceedings. We employ a range of legal tactics, both collaborative and assertive, to assist you in achieving your desired resolution.

What issues are typically addressed in divorce cases?

Your divorce attorney in Arvada, CO, has the ability to engage in negotiations with the opposing party to resolve the matters at hand. While it’s possible to reach an agreement without court intervention, it’s not guaranteed. Regardless of whether the case is settled in or out of court, we can provide assistance with all aspects of the divorce, which may include child support orders, child custody provisions, and alimony/spousal support. 

In Colorado, you can file for divorce without having to prove the other party’s wrongdoing since it is a no-fault divorce state. The grounds for divorce are based on the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. However, you must first establish a domicile in Colorado for at least 90 days to meet the state’s residency requirement. Once this requirement is met, your divorce lawyer in Arvada, CO can proceed with filing the petition.

There are two options for filing for divorce: a co-petition with the other party or a solo petition. If you choose to file the petition on your own, the other party will be informed. Following notification, you could receive your divorce decree in as few as 91 days. Alternatively, if you and your spouse file together, the 91-day period starts from the date of filing.

Contact our firm today to learn how settling matters beforehand can help you move through the divorce process quickly. Our Colorado divorce lawyer will employ non-adversarial negotiation strategies in an effort to reach an agreement prior to filing for divorce.

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