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Post-decree Modification in Golden, CO

Life is constantly changing. It’s normal to switch jobs, homes, and more throughout your life. As you go through life’s numerous changes, you might discover that your divorce settlement no longer meets your needs. For instance, your spousal maintenance or support might not make sense for your current situation. Fortunately, you can hire a Golden, CO, post-decree modification lawyer to review your case and petition for a modification.

Whether you are a non-custodial or custodial parent, we can help you obtain a modification. Contact us today to discuss your legal needs.

Post-decree Modification Options

Our Golden, CO, post-decree modification lawyer can help you make changes to:

  • Division of property
  • Assignment of debts
  • Physical and legal custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Modifying a Child Custody Agreement

Your Golden, CO, post-decree modification lawyer can assist you with your custody agreement. First, you must show that your circumstances have changed, requiring modification. For example, if the other parent moved far away or has become abusive, you can petition to alter the custody agreement.

The court will review the evidence and determine what’s in the child’s best interests. That means the judge will consider the child’s physical, nutritional, and educational needs. In addition, the child’s emotional well-being will be considered. Then, the judge will decide to keep the agreement as is or modify it.

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Modifying Child Support Agreement

Your post-decree modification lawyer can provide evidence to support a petition to modify your child support agreement. One party must have experienced a significant change in circumstances to modify the order. This could be the sudden loss of a job, a significant reduction in income, or the changing needs of the child.

As with child custody, the court will determine what’s in the best interests of the child. The judge will make sure that the child has ample support in both homes, if applicable. Then, the judge might order that the obligator pay less or more in support, depending on the circumstances.

Modifying Spousal Support

While rare, the court occasionally modifies spousal support agreements. Your lawyer must first prove that you meet the qualifications for a modification. You must show a sudden increase or decrease in income, change in child-related expenses, or sudden loss of assets to qualify. Then, you can petition to either increase or decrease the support payments. Because these cases are rarely approved, hiring a Golden, CO, post-decree modification lawyer is critical.

Financial Settlements

Did the other party commit fraud when disclosing his or her assets? If so, you might qualify for a modification of your financial settlements. First, your attorney must provide evidence to prove the fraud. Then, the judge can change the agreement based on the new evidence. Contact a Golden, CO, post-decree modification lawyer to discuss changing your financial settlements.

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