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At the Drake Law Firm, P.C., we assist both men and women in filing for various types of alimony, including temporary, rehabilitative, reimbursement, and permanent alimony.

Alimony and Spousal Support in Lakewood, CO

Going through a divorce is never easy, and the aftermath can be particularly challenging. You may have braced yourself for the emotional upheaval, but the financial repercussions can be just as jarring. After all, it can be difficult to adjust to a new standard of living after being accustomed to a certain level of comfort and security. However, don’t despair – there are options available to you. By filing for alimony, you can take steps towards rebuilding your life and finding financial stability once again.

Spousal support exists to assist individuals who did not work outside the home or earned considerably less than their ex-partner during the marriage. The amount of support payment is determined by various factors such as the duration of the marriage and income disparity. If you’re unsure whether you’re eligible for spousal support, get in touch with our alimony and spousal support attorneys in Lakewood, CO.

What Is Temporary Maintenance?

Temporary Maintenance is one of the various types of Alimony/Spousal Support available for those getting out of a marriage. Other common types of alimony are: 

  • Rehabilitative maintenance
  • Reimbursement maintenance
  • Permanent maintenance

How is Alimony Calculated?

In general, unless specific factors are met, the marriage must have lasted 3 or more years for Alimony to be considered. Your lawyer can either negotiate spousal support or represent you in court if a case goes to trial. In the event that the case goes to court, the judge will evaluate several factors to determine whether you’re eligible for support and the appropriate amount.

The courts look for a few factors when considering alimony. The courts take into account the income of both parties, including potential future earnings. Other considerations include employability, property distribution, child support obligations, and the lifestyle maintained during the marriage. The age and health of both parties are also factors in the decision. One other consideration is related to specific training or education. Courts can look at whether spousal support should be considered if it will be used to gain education or training.

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