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Child Custody in Golden, CO

Child custody is the most important component of a divorce. It’s also the most contested, with both parents fighting for their rights to be with and make decisions for the child. Our Golden, CO, child custody lawyer understands both the emotional and legal elements of these cases. We can help you navigate the various obstacles and reach an outcome that is best for your child.

We can begin by negotiating with the other parent to create a custody agreement. In addition, we will be ready to escalate the case to court if necessary. Contact our Golden, CO, child custody lawyer today to discuss your options. Our firm also serves the greater Denver area including Lakewood, CO.

Is Joint Custody the Right Choice?

Parents often receive joint physical and legal custody. This is best for parents who can:

  • Cooperate
  • Make decisions together
  • Provide supportive environments
  • Communicate with each other
  • Allow communication between the child and other parent at all times

Joint custody is just one of your options. Contact our Golden, CO, child custody lawyer to discuss your case. The attorney can go over joint custody and other options.

Types Of Child Custody In Colorado

There are two types of child custody in Colorado. First, there is physical custody. This refers to where the child resides. If the parents live close to one another, they often split physical custody. Then, the child can alternate between houses. However, when parents live far away, splitting custody can put an undue burden on the child. This is especially true when the parents live in different school districts. Fortunately, your Golden, CO, child custody lawyer can help work out a physical custody arrangement that allows both parents to see the child without adding to the stress of the situation.
Second, there is legal custody. This refers to the parent who makes decisions for the child, such as where to go to school and what medical treatments to receive. Joint legal custody is the most common arrangement. Parents can both have legal custody, even if one parent has the child most of the time.

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Modifying Child Custody

Child custody agreements are notoriously difficult to modify. Once an agreement is in place, the court tends to keep it as is unless there are special circumstances. For instance, if the other parent has been abusive or convicted of criminal activity, you might be able to modify the agreement. In addition, if one parent moves far away or is too ill to care for the child, a modification might be possible.

If you would like to modify your agreement, go over your case with a Golden, CO, child custody lawyer. Your attorney can determine if you meet the requirements to request a modification. If you do, your attorney can gather the evidence and file the paperwork.

Unfit Parents

Sadly, some parents are unfit to raise children. If a parent is an alcoholic, abusive, neglectful, or mentally ill, he or she might be deemed unfit. Then, the other parent can receive sole physical and legal custody. If you think the other parent is unfit, speak to your Golden, CO, child custody lawyer. Your child’s safety and well-being are at risk, so you need to move forward and take action quickly.

Unmarried Fathers

In Colorado, if a child is born to parents who are not married, the mother is automatically granted both full legal and physical custody of the child. The father does not have any custody or visitation rights unless a court order is obtained or if the parents reach an agreement. It’s important to note that the birth of a child does not immediately establish a legal parent-child relationship in this situation.

Can The Child Decide Where To Live?

While the child cannot choose the custody arrangement, the court will consider his or her opinion. First, the judge will assess the child’s maturity. If the judge believes he or she is mature enough to understand the situation, the child can then provide an opinion. The child’s opinion is just one of many factors that go into developing custody agreements.

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