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Fathers’ Rights in Golden, CO

Legally, mothers and fathers have the same rights regarding divorces, child custody, and child support. However, many men find that the law doesn’t protect them as it should. While they have the same rights on paper, they lose out on parenting time and sometimes get cut out of the decision-making process. Your children are important to you, and they need their father in their lives. Thus, hire a Golden, CO, fathers’ rights lawyer to ensure that your interests are represented.

Our firm has defended fathers against false claims and helped numerous men receive favorable child custody and support agreements. We believe in advocating for the child’s best interests, and that means ensuring that their fathers remain in their lives. Contact us today to discuss your needs and goals moving forward.

Fathers’ Rights Issues

Our fathers’ rights lawyer in Golden, CO, represents men in various cases. Common fathers’ rights issues include:

  • Fair child custody agreements
  • Access to child support
  • Fair child support payments
  • Paternity

It can feel like the law is against you, but that isn’t the case. Instead, you just need an advocate by your side. Contact our fathers’ rights lawyer today for a consultation.

Child Custody And Fathers’ Rights

Both men and women have equal rights regarding child custody in Colorado. Often, custody can be determined without going to court. Our Golden, CO, fathers’ rights lawyer will sit down with the other side and work out an agreement. In most cases, parents agree to share both physical and legal custody since it’s often in the child’s best interests.
Unfortunately, sometimes, one parent is not fit to raise a child. If the child’s mother isn’t up to the task, we can petition the court for sole custody. Then, you will be the custodial parent and make all decisions regarding your child. This is only granted in extreme cases, so we will need to gather evidence to support the claim that the parent is unfit. Consult with us if you are concerned about getting enough parenting time or you’re worried that the other parent is unfit.

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The Right To Child Support

If you are your child’s custodial parent, you might be eligible to collect child support. Colorado uses the income share model to calculate child support. This model ensures that both parents will play a role in financially supporting the child.

Even though the child support formula is based on the income share model, it’s still quite complicated. Your Golden, CO, fathers’ rights lawyer can review your income and assets, as well as those of the other parent. Then, your attorney will also consider your custody arrangement to determine your right to child support. If you are eligible, your lawyer can file the paperwork so you can obtain a court order.

False Allegations And Fathers’ Rights

Sadly, some mothers make false allegations against fathers to win custody battles or get more alimony. Our Golden, CO, fathers’ rights lawyer will feverishly defend you against false allegations. If you have been accused of abuse, neglect, or another action, contact us for help. If you don’t fight back, the court could award the other parent sole custody. You might not even get visitation. Thus, it’s important that you take swift action.

Do Unmarried Fathers Have Rights?

You don’t need to be married to have parental rights. However, you might have to establish paternity. Then, your Golden, CO, fathers’ rights lawyer can help you create child custody and child support agreements. Often, this can be accomplished outside of court. However, we will prepare for court in case the other party refuses to negotiate in good faith. Whether we are inside or outside the courtroom, we will fiercely advocate for your rights.

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