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Fall Activities for the Family Looking for Stress Relief After Divorce? Fun Fall Activities in the Denver Metro Area As the leaves change and the crisp autumn air sets in, it’s the perfect time to create cherished memories with...

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How to protect your privacy during a divorce

You need to protect your financial and online privacy Are you in a relationship that’s ending in divorce right now and you’re curious how you can possibly protect your financial and other privacy online and...

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Parental Relocation Laws in Colorado

Are you a divorced parent who is considering a move outside the state of Colorado, but you’re not sure how that’s going to affect your custody arrangement? Hi, I’m Marie Drake of the Drake Law...

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Raising Grandchildren in Colorado

Are you a grandparent in Colorado who’s taking informal care and perhaps even informal custody of your grandchildren and you’re wondering, “Hey, how do I get that formally blessed by a court?” or,“ How do...

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Addressing Missing Child Support Payments

Are you supposed to be receiving child support every month and you’re not receiving those payments even though you have a child support order? Hi, I’m Marie Drake of the Drake Law Firm. And today...

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Understanding Alimony Rights for Men in Colorado

Understanding Alimony Rights for Men in Colorado A commonly misunderstood topic in family law is alimony, or spousal maintenance, which is often associated with women receiving financial support from their ex-spouses. However, it is essential...

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