How to protect your privacy during a divorce

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You need to protect your financial and online privacy

Are you in a relationship that’s ending in divorce right now and you’re curious how you can possibly protect your financial and other privacy online and in general?

Privacy Protection steps we recommend:

The first thing that we recommend here to all of our divorce clients is to change all of your passwords. It’s really important, and don’t have your password be, “Mommy123”, or, “DaddyABC”. Make the passwords something that’s difficult to hack.

In addition, put in your calendar to change your passwords at least quarterly, it’s really important. You can also get some software to help with this. The software we use is called Malwarebytes, but you can get some software to help protect against hacking.

The next suggestion we always make to our clients is to turn off your location services. So, “Find My iPhone” or anything that’s going to show your location in your messages, any app that’s tracking, turn all of that off, go in and be thorough. Because for example, if you have an ex who is controlling or suspicious or jealous and can’t let go of the relationship, that’s ending, then first of all, that’s a big red flag, but second of all, don’t enable that kind of behavior by continuing to share all the information voluntarily.

Another suggestion we make is to limit social media postings because that could be a way for your soon to be ex spouse or current spouse to spy on you and we tell people, please don’t put in your location on your posting and please just limit the posting at least through the pendency of the divorce.

You don’t want to open yourself up to, say, a fake account with a fake profile picture where you friend the person because you’re single or about to be, and that’s a fake profile by your ex. So be careful of that sort of thing anyway, but certainly be careful of it through your divorce.

You need someone to guide you

Here at The Drake Law Firm, we recommend to our clients not to share every single little thought and feeling online. Instead, please work with the therapist. We recommend everybody get a therapist if they’re going through a big breakup, a divorce, and share with your friends, your support group, but don’t share with your soon to be ex’s best friend or that sort of thing, and please don’t put it on Facebook or Instagram that can wait, and just get through this divorce and we’ll help you do that.

We’re standing by, and we also want to protect your privacy as you go through this.

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