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Parental Alienation in Golden, CO

Splitting from a spouse or partner is exceptionally difficult when children are involved. Parents have to balance ironing out parenting agreements and child support payments while maintaining a close relationship with their kids. This is more difficult when one parent engages in alienation tactics. Parental alienation is a form of psychological abuse and can push your kids away from you. While alienation can range from mild to severe, the consequences are always serious.
Our Golden, CO parental alienation lawyer can stand up for your rights. We will take steps to put a stop to the psychological abuse so you can strengthen your bond with your child. Contact us to discuss your case, including any evidence you’ve collected.

Examples of Parental Alienation

Parental alienation comes in numerous forms. However, common examples include one parent:
  • Making disparaging comments about the other parent
  • Forcing the child to choose between the parents
  • Controlling communication between the child and the other parent
  • Providing detailed information about the dissolution of the marriage
  • Forcing the child to parent them
  • Purposefully limiting the other parent’s involvement
  • Telling lies about the other parent

Gathering Evidence In Child Alienation Cases

Child alienation can occur slowly and build over time. At first, you might notice subtle changes that get more pronounced as your child becomes increasingly alienated. When you start to notice changes, it’s important to begin gathering evidence. First, keep a journal of your observations. For instance, if your child repeats disparaging comments made by the other parent, write them down, including the date and time. Your journal can be used to show a pattern of alienation that has developed over time.
You can also use voicemails, text messages, and social media posts for evidence. For example, if your spouse records a voicemail full of hateful rhetoric, and you can hear your child in the background, save it.
While some parents record videos of their children to prove alienation, this is a legally murky subject. Consult with your Golden, CO, parental alienation lawyer before recording your child for evidence.

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How Is Parental Alienation Addressed?

Colorado’s family court system is designed to ensure that the best interests of the child are always met. The court understands that parental alienation negatively impacts children. Thus, if they are involved in this emotionally abusive situation, they can experience psychological harm.

Once your Golden, CO, parental alienation order files a claim, the judge can appoint a parental responsibilities evaluator or a child and family investigator to review the case. Then, the judge can choose to modify the parenting agreement based on the report. Thus, you can end up getting more time with your child. The court can also take additional actions to put an end to parental alienation, such as ordering therapy or changing the parenting plan to forbid disparaging language.

Therapy For Child Alienation

If the other parent has emotionally abused your child, therapy might be a wise choice for your child. The therapist probably won’t testify in the parental alienation case. However, the therapist can play a vital role if the court assigns a child custody expert to your case. In addition, therapy can make it easier for your child to navigate the emotional turmoil of parental alienation. It can also help your child open up and strengthen their bond with you.

Are You Unsure If Parental Alienation Is Occurring?

Do you feel that the dynamic between you and your child has shifted, and you aren’t sure why? You think it might be parental alienation, but you don’t have the evidence to prove it. Consult with a Golden, CO, parental alienation lawyer to go over your case. You could have evidence that you aren’t aware of having. If you do have a claim, your lawyer can then take the next steps.

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