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The Drake Law Firm, P.C. helps men and women petition to receive temporary, rehabilitative, reimbursement, and permanent alimony.

Alimony and Spousal Support in Golden, CO

You were prepared for the emotional impact of your divorce, but the financial impact might have taken you by surprise. You’ve become accustomed to a certain standard of living while married, and now, you’re having a hard time making ends meet. Fortunately, you can file a petition for alimony.
Spousal support was created to help men and women who didn’t work outside of the home during the marriage or make significantly less money than their former partners. Numerous factors go into the size of the support payment, including the length of the marriage and the income disparity. Contact our Golden, CO, alimony and spousal support lawyer to find out if you’re eligible. Also, we can calculate the amount of money that the other party owes you in spousal support.

Types of Alimony in Colorado

Our Golden, CO, alimony and spousal support lawyer can help you apply for:
  • Temporary maintenance
  • Rehabilitative maintenance
  • Reimbursement maintenance
  • Permanent maintenance
Consult with us today to learn more about your options for alimony.

Calculating Spousal Support In Colorado

Your Golden, CO, alimony and spousal support lawyer can negotiate maintenance payments for you or represent you in court. If the case goes to court, the judge will consider a variety of factors to determine your eligibility and the amount of the support order. First, you must have been married for a minimum of three years unless you meet specific requirements.
Then, the judge will consider the income of both parties, including the potential income. Other factors include employability, property distribution, child support payments, and lifestyle during the marriage. In addition, both parties’ age and health factor into the decision. Finally, the judge will determine if one spouse should provide support so the other could get an education and work.

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Spousal Support Options

If you are currently going through a divorce, your Golden, CO, alimony and spousal support lawyer can help you get temporary support. These payments can continue through the divorce. When the divorce is finalized, you can then transition to another type of alimony. Often, the transition is made to rehabilitative support payments. If you receive rehabilitative support, you’ll continue to get payments until you can become financially independent. Thus, once you get a stable job, the payments will end.

Reimbursement support is also an option. The judge might grant this if you paid for professional certificates or education expenses. This alimony allows the other party to pay you back and will end once you’re paid in full.

Finally, there is permanent alimony. As the name suggests, this goes on forever. However, it’s only granted in special circumstances. For instance, if you have a chronic illness or disability, you might qualify for permanent support.

Modifying Alimony Agreements

In some cases, you can modify spousal support agreements. This is possible if there has been a sudden increase or decrease in income, change in the cost of raising the child, or the loss of property or assets. Either party can petition the court to modify the agreement. For instance, the paying spouse can petition to lower it, while the recipient can petition to increase it. Consult with a Golden, CO, alimony and spousal support lawyer if you want to modify the agreement. The attorney can review your case to see if you’re eligible for a modification. If you are, your attorney can file the necessary paperwork.

Spousal Support And Child Support

Child support and alimony are two separate things, but they can impact one another. If you receive a large spousal support order, your child support will likely be reduced. Thus, it’s important to talk to a Golden, CO, alimony and spousal support lawyer before moving forward with your petition. Your attorney will review both child support and alimony to ensure you protect your interests at all times.

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