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Are you ready to add to your family through adoption? Once the process is finalized, you’ll be the child’s legal parent, meaning you’ll have the same rights and responsibilities as a biological parent. You are excited to get to that point but also afraid of the complicated adoption process. That’s where our Golden, CO, adoption lawyer can help. We are experienced in international, private domestic, stepparent, and foster care adoptions and can assist you with the case.

Our firm enjoys helping families grow through adoption, and we won’t rest until your family is whole. Contact us to consult about your adoption case.

Types of Adoptions in Colorado

Our Golden, CO, adoption lawyer can assist with all types of adoptions. These include:

  • Foster care adoption
  • Stepparent adoption

Contact us today if you are interested in completing your family through adoption.

Adoption From Foster Care

With hundreds of children in foster care waiting for homes, adoption from foster care is a popular choice for Colorado families. First, you have to become a foster parent. In addition, you have to pass a background check and a home study. The state also requires that you undergo training before you can take in a foster child.

After becoming a foster parent, you can begin the adoption process. At this point, it’s wise to consult with a Golden, CO, adoption lawyer. Your lawyer can prepare the paperwork and strategize for any hurdles you might encounter during the process.

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Stepparent Adoption

Have you relished in your role as a stepparent and want to formalize the bond by adopting the child? You might be eligible for a stepparent adoption if the biological parent has refused to pay child support for at least a year. Also, you can file for a stepparent adoption if the parent abandoned the child or passed away. Finally, the other parent can agree to the adoption and terminate his or her parental rights.

Your stepchild must consent to the adoption if he or she is over 12 years old. In addition, your spouse will need to agree to the adoption for it to move forward. Finally, you will need consent from the other parent, or you’ll have to prove that the court should terminate the parental rights and grant the adoption.

Your Golden, CO, adoption lawyer can assist with this process. Our firm will gather evidence to support your petition for adoption and represent you during the hearing. Contact us today to learn more about stepparent adoption in Colorado.

Can Single People Adopt Children?

Both single individuals and married couples can adopt in Colorado. If you are married, you and your spouse must both be on the petition to adopt. Otherwise, the petition will not be granted. While these are the general rules, various adoption agencies can set their own guidelines. For instance, some agencies require that couples are married for a minimum of two years before petitioning for adoption. Your Golden, CO, adoption lawyer from The Drake Law Firm, P.C. can go over the conditions for various agencies to help you choose one that fits your situation.

Will a Criminal Record Prevent You From Adopting?

You will have to undergo a home study and background check during the adoption process. If your background check brings up a history of child abuse, domestic violence, assault, felony-drug convictions, or sexual crimes, your petition will likely be denied. However, you can still get approved if you are a one-time non-violent offender, and the crime didn’t include a child. Contact a Golden, CO, adoption lawyer to review your criminal history to see if you’re likely to get approved.

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