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The Drake Law Firm, P.C., helps parents establish paternity so they can create child custody and support agreements.

Paternity in Golden, CO

Establishing paternity is a critical component of ensuring the rights of the father, mother, and child. Once paternity is established, your lawyer or the courts can decide on child custody and child support. Then, you can either get parenting time with your child or receive the financial support you need.
If you were married when you conceived your child, paternity is assumed. Otherwise, you will need to establish it, either through an agreement or DNA testing. First, consult with a Golden, CO, paternity lawyer. Then, you can explore your options for establishing paternity. Next, your lawyer will help you take additional steps to set up child custody and child support arrangements.

Reasons to Establish Paternity

Establishing paternity benefits the mother, father, and child. Some benefits include the ability to:
  • Collect child support
  • Get a visitation agreement
  • Put the child on the father’s health insurance
  • Establish a bond between the father and child
These are just some of the numerous benefits. Contact a Golden, CO, paternity lawyer today to begin the process.

Types Of Paternity

There are various types of paternity in Colorado. First, there is presumed paternity. If your spouse has a child when you’re married, you’re presumed to be the father. However, if you do not think you’re the father, you can file a petition with the court.
Next, there is acknowledged paternity. This occurs when unmarried parents agree that they share the child together. Also, the father can sign an affidavit of parentage that attests that he’s the father. In this case, both parties agree they’re the child’s biological parents and have a right to play a role in raising him or her.
Finally, you can be an alleged father if you were unmarried when the child was conceived and don’t acknowledge paternity. In this instance, the mother has named you as the father, but you don’t agree or are unsure. The court will evaluate the evidence and can order you to take a paternity test. If you don’t take the test, the court can enter a default judgment stating that you are the father.

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Child Support And Paternity

Once paternity is established, the custodial parent can petition for child support. In some cases, the court awards back child support. For example, the court might order the father to pay doctor’s bills and hospital costs incurred during the birth.

Our Golden, CO, paternity lawyer can use non-adversarial negotiation strategies to create an agreement with the other side. Then, you can enter into a support agreement that is fair and reasonable for both sides. We can also take the case to court, though, and will be prepared if we need to escalate the claim.

Paternity And Visitation

After you establish paternity, you can set up a visitation or custody schedule. Our Golden, CO, paternity lawyer can iron out a deal with the other side that allows you to be an important part of your child’s life. However, if the other side refuses to agree to a fair parenting schedule, we will try the case in front of a judge. We are also fathers’ rights lawyers and will provide evidence that shows that a fair parenting agreement will benefit the child.

Statute Of Limitations For Establishing Paternity

You can establish paternity until the child turns 18. In some cases, the court extends the age until 21. However, it’s a good idea to do this much sooner. If you establish paternity while the child is younger, you’ll get to grow your relationship during his or her childhood. Thus, contact a Golden, CO, paternity lawyer today so you can begin the process.

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