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The Drake Law Firm, P.C., helps families create fair custody agreements that are in the child’s best interests.

Child Custody in Golden

Divorce can be life-changing in many ways, but the biggest impact has to do with your children. Now that your marriage is ending, you must decide how your kids will split their time between you and the other parent. It’s difficult to give up any parenting time, but you want an agreement that’s in your child’s best interests. Our Golden child custody lawyer can help you navigate this emotionally complex issue and see the big picture. Then, we can help you create a child custody agreement that will be best for your family.

We engage in non-adversarial conflict resolution strategies to help parents agree to the terms of the agreement. This allows children to avoid the emotional turmoil of going to court. However, we will also prepare for the courtroom in case a judge needs to make the final decision.

Types of Custody

There are two main types of child custody in Colorado. Your Golden child custody lawyer can help you create an agreement for:

  • Legal custody
  • Physical custody

In many cases, joint custody is in the child’s best interest. However, if one parent is unfit or unable to perform his or her duties, you can petition for sole custody.

Legal And Physical Child Custody In Golden

You will need to address both legal and physical custody when creating an agreement. The parent with legal custody gets to make decisions related to the child regarding education, religion, and healthcare. Most often, parents have joint legal custody. Then, they work together when making these decisions.

The child lives with the parent who has physical custody. If you live close to the other parent, joint physical custody might be the right choice. Then, the child can divide time between you and the other parent’s home. However, if you live further away or the other parent isn’t fit, another arrangement will likely be ideal. Your Golden child custody lawyer will explore all options before you begin negotiating an agreement.

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How To Modify A Child Custody Agreement

Child custody agreements are challenging to modify except under special circumstances. If you have evidence that the other parent has been neglectful or abusive, you can petition to modify the agreement. The same is true if the other parent has been convicted of a serious crime or is too ill to provide proper care. Finally, if the spouse has moved away, and that makes it impossible or challenging to honor the existing agreement, your Golden child custody lawyer can help you modify the agreement.

Modifications aren’t easy to obtain, so be sure to consult with a lawyer before moving forward. The court wants what’s in the best interests of your child. Your lawyer can help you prove that modifying the agreement is what is necessary to care for the child.

Input Of The Child

Children cannot decide where they will live when their parents separate or divorce. However, mature children can provide input that the judge will consider when creating custody agreements. The judge will ask the child where he or she wants to live and why and use that information when making the decision. While it’s an important factor, it’s just one of many considerations. Thus, a child might state that he wants to live with his mother, only to have the judge award custody to the father. With so many considerations, it’s wise to seek representation from a Golden child custody lawyer.

What If A Parent Is Unfit?

Most parents do their best to raise their children. Unfortunately, some people are unfit due to substance abuse, abusive behaviors, neglect, or other issues. If you believe the other parent is unfit, consult with a Golden divorce lawyer. After reviewing the evidence, your lawyer can petition the court for sole custody. Then, you can protect your child from abusive or neglectful actions.

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