Are You About To Jeopardize Your Divorce With Social Media?

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Are you thinking about a divorce? Have you been divorced or are you in the middle of a divorce?

Hi, I’m Marie Drake. And I’m here to talk to you about social media and divorced today.

The first tip is don’t post anything negative about your soon to be ex spouse or your current ex-spouse, or if you were considering divorce and you’re still married, don’t post anything.

And also don’t post anything suggestive, no suggestive or intimate pictures of yourself or anyone else, frankly, you should be looking at it from a judge’s perspective. Or you can say to yourself before you post, what would my great aunt who’s a nun think of this post? Should I post it? Probably not.

The second tip is don’t go looking for dirt online about your soon to be ex spouse or your ex-spouse don’t do it trust me. You’re not going to feel good and it’s not going to make anything better. Instead, take a walk, spend time with your dog or your children or your friends do anything else, but that you should unfollow every account of your soon to be ex-spouse so that you don’t make yourself crazy becoming a cyber stock. Don’t do it.

The third tip is to change your privacy settings to the highest level and ask your friends and family not to tag you in anything also don’t friend, anybody you don’t know personally in real life. There are such things as cyber-stalking and there are such things as fake accounts, trying to dig for information about you and about the divorce.

At your attorney’s perfect world. You would simply throw your phone into a dumpster instead of creating a dumpster fire online on social media. But since that’s not realistic, please follow the tips I just gave you and call an experienced family law attorney, have someone in your camp on your side, helping you through this process. It’s not that easy. And we do need help.

So call us at the number listed below. We’re standing by and we’re here to help at the Drake law firm. I’m Marie Drake. Have a great day.

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