What happens to your things after a divorce?

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Do you wonder what is going to happen to all of your stuff during a divorce? Well, if it’s kitchen stuff and bedroom furniture purchased during the marriage with marital funds, you have to assign it a garage sale value. In other words, what will someone pay for this stuff if you put it out on the curb in front of your house?

If it’s something of higher value, such as an antique, you two will need to agree on a value or have it appraised. And, if you brought it into the marriage 30 years ago, it may have gone up in value and you’ll need a date of marriage value and a current value to find out if there is an increase in value, which would be marital.

Once you have agreed-upon values, the horse trading can begin. I do not recommend dividing up flatware and dishes. It will make you crazy and make your lawyers crazy. Just make some decisions and hopefully those decisions are made together.

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