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Are you curious about the role of mediation in your divorce case? Hi, I’m Marie Drake of The Drake Law Firm, and today, I’m gonna to talk to you about some of the benefits of divorce mediation here.

First, what is divorce mediation? Well, it’s meeting with a mediator who will help facilitate an agreement in your divorce case, and it’s almost always court ordered here in the state. The first reason to go to mediation in your divorce case is cost. First of all, litigating a divorce case is super expensive. And often you don’t achieve a result that you can live with, that you really love. It’ll just be a result from a judge. In divorce mediation, you’ll reach a result with your ex through the mediator, and that is always so much less expensive than going to trial.

Another reason to consider mediation in your divorce is efficiency, meaning, you can set a trial, but it’s going to be 9 or 12 months out usually, depending on the jurisdiction, but there’s a fire hose of cases, post pandemic, and the courts are jam packed with trials. So mediation is almost always a better idea because you can facilitate an agreement much faster than having a judge decide for you what your case result is.

Another reason to choose mediation in your divorce case is because you’ll have more control over the outcome, and you’re more likely to follow an agreement that you put together with your ex, facilitated by a mediator, than if a judge orders you to do x, y, z. And you do have to follow court orders, but you don’t want a judge deciding what to do with your family. You know your family. So use best efforts to get your case solved at mediation, and that is always a better outcome.

Look, we know that divorce is overwhelming, and I hope you’re not overwhelmed. But if you are, give us a call. We can help you get through this and get to the other side. Here at The Drake Law Firm, we have experienced divorce attorneys standing by ready for your call

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