Do You know The 3 Myths Regarding Alimony In Colorado?

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Do You know The 3 Myths Regarding Alimony In Colorado?

Hi, my name’s Marie Drake of the Drake law firm. And we have offices here in Colorado in Golden and Greenwood village. I’m here today to talk to you about three myths regarding maintenance in Colorado. That’s what alimony’s now called. And I hear a lot of rumors when people come in for consults and almost all of them are untrue.

The first myth is that the wife always gets. But in fact, gender has nothing to do with it. It has to do with level of education, how long someone’s been in the workforce ability to pay all sorts of things. But none, none of it has to do with gender. The second myth is that fault is somehow a factor in a maintenance award.

But guess what? The judge doesn’t care at all who you’re sleeping with or who your spouse is sleeping with. Why? Because Colorado is a no fault state and nobody can. The third myth regarding maintenance in Colorado is that it’s permanent. That’s just not true anymore. Now, a judge can order long-term maintenance if the marriage is over 20 years, but again, it’s rare.

And there are a lot of other factors to consider, including whether or not the person paying the maintenance has the ability to pay it longterm. Well, going through the process of figuring out if maintenance should be awarded, you may hear, hear the term ability to. And what that means in plain English is does the person who’s going to be paying the maintenance, actually have the ability to pay it while meeting his or her reasonable needs.

Now, if you’re asking for a hundred thousand dollars a month in maintenance and this person can’t meet their reasonable needs while paying you a hundred thousand dollars a month, it’s not going to be. Maintenance can be complicated in Colorado and trying to figure out the calculation or whether or not it needs to be paid or received can be overwhelming.

So give us a call at the Drake law firm and the number below, and we’re happy to set up a console and helping through this process.

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