What Can You Expect At Your First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney?

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What Can You Expect At Your First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney?

Hi everybody. My name’s Marie Drake, I own the Drake Law firm in golden, Colorado at the satellite office in Greenwood village, and we practice family law, real estate and business. Today. I want to answer a question. I get a lot, which is what to expect at your first meeting with a divorce attorney. So when you come in for your consultation, with your divorce attorney, you want to come in prepare, and you want to ask that person, some basic questions. Like how long have you been practicing family law and what do you charge for retainer? How has a retainer handled at your firm? and how should I communicate with you and with the other attorneys at the firm with paralegals or anyone else?

You should come into the appointment with some basic information, for example, your proximate net worth, and what are your credit card statements say this month?

How much do you earn, how much does your spouse earn? What did your tax return say last year in terms of your gross income and as well, you should know what your retirement is worth. If you have retirement, what your vehicles might be worth.

When you walk away from your initial consult, you should walk away with a sense of peace and a sense of confidence about the person that you chose to have the consult with.

You don’t have to make a decision right then and there to hire them unless you’re in an emergent situation. Remember divorces an intimate process and you need to be comfortable with the person you choose to go through it with. So you have the power, you have the agency. If you’re not comfortable with the person that you just had the consult with considered going to another consult, you have the power.

If you’re still watching this video, you probably need a divorce consultation. So please give us a call at the number below and we’ll set up a consultation. Our team is committed to no BS, divorces and we’re experienced and ready to go and ready to take your call now.

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