Looking For A No Drama Divorce? Consider These 4 Things.

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Looking For A No Drama Divorce? Consider These 4 Things.

Are you someone in a relationship that’s over and you just need to paper it with a divorce, but you do not want to have some scorched earth court intervention with the divorce?

Hi, I’m Marie Drake of the Drake law firm with offices here in Golden in . And I’m here today to talk to you about a no drama divorce. The first thing to consider in a no drama divorce is that there’s no such thing really as winning in a divorce, you have to be willing to compromise, you have to be willing to see the other side and try to reach an agreement without drama. The second thing you should consider for no drama divorce is to gather all the documents you need first have everything together. You can look at your assets, your debts, get all of your latest statements and have everything ready to go. Because causes drama in a divorce is trying to pry information out of each other and it’s not worth it. A third factor in a no drama divorce is separate property. So if you brought any separate property into the marriage, save on the stress, save on money, and simply bring the documents proving that to the table. Don’t try to hide anything and just be upfront about it, it will save on the drama as well. The last thing I want you to consider if you really want to know drama divorce is your children. Try to look at life from 30,000 feet and try to play the long game. What I mean by that is be the adult in the room. Remember that you’re a role model. And you are also being a role model showing your children how to behave in conflict and in a tough time. Keep the children’s best interests at heart. Remember to tell them you love them and tell them that even though the family is going to live separately, you’re still a family. Remember that you need to see your spouse, your ex-spouse at soccer games and high school basketball games and hopefully graduations and college graduations, weddings, all sorts of life events. And you want to be able to be in the room with that ex-spouse in a way that doesn’t put your children ill at ease. You want your kids to remember how you behaved during this time and to remember who you are. So try to keep that in mind. And it’ll take the drama down to almost zero. Look, no one has a fun filled divorce. There’s always some conflict. But if you’re interested in a no drama, divorce, first of all good for you. And we at the Drake law firm are happy to help you down that path. It’s the better path and it’s the long game. And especially if you’ve got kids, it’s the way to go. So give us a call. We’re happy to help and we look forward to hearing from

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