Have You Been Served With an ADA Lawsuit?

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Have You Been Served With an ADA Lawsuit?

Have you been served with an Americans with disabilities act lawsuit? Hi, I’m Marie Drake of the Drake law firm here in golden, Colorado. And I have three things you should know about an ADA violation lawsuit. Number one, you should know that if you get served with an ADA lawsuit, you have only 21 days to respond.

So you’ll want to not blow that answer. Number two, you’re going to need an attorney and you’re going to need an attorney who’s licensed and experienced in federal court. Number three, if you are out of compliance with the ABA at your property, you need to mitigate as soon as possible, hopefully prior to ever getting served with a lawsuit.

And that means install the ramp, paint the parking spot, make sure that you’re in compliance with the. Here at the Drake law firm, entrepreneurs are our tribe and we hate to see them served with vexatious, ADA lawsuits, but we’re happy to help and we’re happy to defend these. And we’re happy to get you on the road to compliance.

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