Do You Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets From You?

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Do You Think Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets From You?

Hi, I’m Marie Drake with the Drake law firm. And I’m here to talk to you today about your spouse hiding assets, or your soon to be ex-spouse hiding assets in the middle of your divorce. 

What is hiding assets in a divorce? Well, there’s a number of examples I can give you, but a few of them are deeding property to relatives or taking out large amounts of cash and dispersing it and we all know that’s really alone or. Overpaying the IRS so that the person gets a big refund after the divorce is final. 

Why would someone hide assets during a divorce or an anticipation of a divorce? Well, they would do it for one reason only. They don’t want to divide those assets with you and it’s illegal to do.

So, if you suspect this is going on, give us a call. We have ways to do tracing and to find out what happened. If you suspect this is going on, we can discover the truth for you and you don’t have to be worried about it.

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