Do You Need A Divorce Or Do You Need A Legal Separation?

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Do You Need A Divorce Or Do You Need A Legal Separation?

Are you wondering if you need a divorce or a legal separation and you don’t know the difference?

Hi, I’m Marie Drake, the Drake law firm. And we have offices in golden and , and I’m going to talk to you today about the difference between legal separation and divorce. A divorce is where a court legally dissolves the marriage and it’s not reversible your assets and debts, your property, it’s all divided. The court retains jurisdiction, so they retain decision making over custody of the kids over child support. But with the legal separation, while you can still get an order regarding the children, and you can still separate your financials, you remain legally married, and that’s a huge difference. Why would you get a legal separation instead of a divorce? Well, the first reason could be because your religion forbids divorce. And that does happen. The second reason could be because you want to maintain the relationship even a little bit. If there’s a sliver of a chance and you just want to buy some time, a legal separation may be the way to go. And another reason would be that you both agree to continue to have inheritance rights one from the other. Or one of you needs health insurance because in some cases, you can maintain health insurance with a legal separation. If you’re confused and overwhelmed because your relationship may be dissolving and you want to find out more information the difference between divorce and legal separation and you also want to protect yourself in terms of your spouse’s liabilities for example, then give us a call here at the Drake law firm. We are experienced family law attorneys and we’re standing by ready to help you.

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