Marie Drake Featured on Shoutout Colorado

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Marie Drake’s Entrepreneurial Journey: A Blend of Law, Love, and Literature

We are thrilled to celebrate Marie Drake’s remarkable achievements, recently highlighted in an engaging feature by Shoutout Colorado. As the founder of her own law firm and an avid writer and photographer, Marie exemplifies a dynamic blend of professional dedication and creative passion.

Starting her law firm on a strong hunch in her 40s, Marie has proven that intuition paired with hard work leads to success. Today, her firm is expanding, preparing to welcome a third attorney and a second paralegal. Her dedication to family law is deeply personal, drawing from her rich life experiences, particularly influenced by her parents’ complex yet enduring relationship. This story is also the subject of her upcoming memoir, reflecting her lifelong commitment to writing and sharing poignant narratives.

Beyond the courtroom, Marie channels her creativity into photography, capturing stunning wildlife and landscapes, and can be followed on her Instagram @mariedrakephotography. Her diverse interests and professional activities keep her continually busy and inspired.

For those wishing to delve deeper into Marie’s inspiring journey and her unique insights into starting and managing a business, visit the full article at Shoutout Colorado here.

Join us in recognizing Marie’s contributions to her field and community, as she continues to encourage and inspire through her multifaceted career.

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