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Dealing with Media Attention

You're angry. You're dealing with a difficult situation. At first, you can't resist a few tweets. Then you mention it on Facebook. If the story is juicy, it gets around, which means it's just a matter of time before the media picks it up. And sadly, the more the media is telling your story, the less you are. Because now, it's out there, like it or not, people are forming opinions. Opinions over which you have zero control.

If you are involved in a civil law suit, or any law suit for that matter, the closer you keep it to yourself - and your attorney - the better. Only rarely does media attention help. Discuss any concerns you have about publicity with your attorney, and hopefully those discussions occur before your case has any publicity. Then work with your attorney to develop a strategy on how to handle press inquiries. Be prepared early, so you don't have to put out fires later.

Your attorney likely has public relations and media relations people on direct-dial. At The Drake Law Firm, we have good relationships with the media, but when advisable, we rely on public relations professionals. Maintaining our clients' reputations, as well as their comfort level, is high on our "to-do" list. But whether we need a defense strategy or the correct strategy to go on the offense, we think it is better for our clients when we can work together - outside of the media glare.