Estate Planning

Estate Planning

At the Drake Law firm, we have attorneys specializing and ready to plan your estate. We are skilled in assessing your needs and working with you to select and effectuate your best-fit estate plan.

Your estate is comprised of all your possessions, both physical and financial. You can control the fate of those possessions after you pass away. An estate plan equivalates instructions set forth to dictate whom will benefit from your estate, what the beneficiaries will receive, and when they will receive it. We invite you to contact our Golden, Colorado law firm to learn more about how we can help you achieve control of your estate.

Estate Planning is for Everyone

Many people associate planning your estate with retirement or aging, but lifespan can’t be predicted, and accidents and illnesses can occur at any age. It also is a misconception to associate preparation of estate plans with wealth—whether your assets are extravagant or modest, they are valuable and meaningful to the loved ones you will leave behind.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your estate, our effective estate plans enable you to:

• Identify the Beneficiaries of Your Estate
• Ensure Smooth Transfer of Assets
• Minimize Estate Administrations Taxes
• Describe Funeral Arrangements
• Dictate Your Medical Wishes

Ensure Your Final Wishes with a Good Estate Plan

Planning your estate is crucial to ensure achievement of your final healthcare and distribution of assets wishes. Best practice comprehensive estate plans can eliminate a multitude of legal issues that may arise after you pass away.

Good estate plans can best preserve your estate by ensuring the lowest court costs, legal fees, and taxes associated with your estate administration. We can help you create a good estate plan that addresses comprehensive facets including but not limited to:

• Direct Transfer of Your Business
• Guardianship for Minor Children
• Inheritance Management for Minor Children
• Uninterrupted Care and Benefits for Disabled Dependents
• Life Insurance Benefits
• Incremental Disbursement of Assets

We are here to help guide you through the process of planning your estate including selecting the type of plan, naming beneficiaries, the determining distribution of assets, and any other decisions you may have in defining your heirs and establishing your legacy.

We Will Simplify Intricate Estate Plan Options

To ease the planning of your estate, we will explain all the legal tools available to you and help you:

• Identify Your Current Estate Plan Needs
• Determine Niceties of Your Unique Situation
• Provide Solutions to Complex Estate Wishes

Planning your estate is an ongoing process that changes with time, your life circumstances, and the extensity of preparations you can afford. We will work with you over-time for every step of the process to ensure your estate plan will effectively fulfill your wishes and eliminate potential legal issues in the administration process.

Help Your Beneficiaries: Get Organized and Plan Your Estate

Many documents are involved in estate administration including titles, insurance policies, and financial records to name a few. By planning your estate, you will organize all these documents. By organizing your documents now, you will:

• Ease the Estate Administration Process
• Ensure the Right Documents are Used
• Correct Erroneous Documents

Now is the Time to Plan Your Estate

Thinking of becoming incapacitated or passing away may seem morose, but being prepared and organized if something should happen to you will reduce stress for your loved ones during a difficult time.

You should begin your estate plan now. Planning your estate is an ongoing process. Let us help you develop your estate pan and amend it accordingly as your life circumstances or wishes change.

Whether you are a seeking simple or sophisticated estate plan, we are attorneys you can trust.

We are experienced estate planning attorneys and we will ensure you receive the best estate plan and critical guidance. Gain peace of mind knowing your loved ones will be taken care of and your wishes will be fulfilled.

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